SpoluWorks Perfecta

We are a precision engineering company focusing on the production of components for the glass industry, energy and other sectors. We have the most advanced technologies and capabilities that you can use for your production.

The most accurate technology

We use high-end multi-function machining center Mazak Integrex i200 ST-1500, which has nine axes, two spindles and two tools in the cut. This allows us, along with other devices, to reach the maximum accuracy.

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Precise design

To design the components we use the latest CAD / CAM systems. Creation of 3D models happens in Autodesk Inventor and the GibbsCAM application serves as the basis for CNC programs.

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Quality control

The emphasis on quality is commonplace for us. The prim in its control plays a 3D measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S No. 7106. SpoluWorks Perfecta is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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Effective process

To control the entire company including production we use the modern ERP system Helios Orange from the leading software company Asseco. This allows us to save time and money and offer you such excellent quality / price ratio.

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We design, produce, deliver

To machine a component
in a single clamping?

No problem even in very small batches. Our pride is primarily a multioperational multifunctional center with 9 axes, two spindles and two tools in the cut Mazak Integrex i200 ST-1500.

This helper allows full connection turning and milling operations on one machine and enabling works in HSC mode. 
All in the spirit of the philosophy of "Done-in-one" - complex processing of the product machined from raw material to final adjustment in one continuous process on a single machine in a single clamping. 

Production at this facility through ERP management system is beneficial even for very small batches.

You cannot leave out the thorough consideration of environmental aspects. These include reduced power consumption due to switching off functions that are not required in the current mode of the machine.

Our product

Turbine wheel

Turbine blade

Pantograph lever


Pump cover

Base plate - Top