About us

We are a stirrer in the manufacture of machined parts. We produce flake machined components for leading European manufacturers.

We specialize in technically demanding components that we create numbering several dozens to several thousand pieces using the best techniques of a great mixed team of professionals. Give us a problem and we will solve it. Accurately, quickly, effectively and perfectly.

Tools that guarantee quality

We have everything you need to achieve the best results.

  • Turning-milling center MAZAK Integrex i200 ST-1500
  • CNC lathes and milling machines MORI SEIKI
  • 3D coordinate measuring device Mitutoyo Crysta - Apex S 7106
  • CNC Plasma surfacing machine KSK PPC 250 NR 3
  • Polishing system CUBOLUX
  • 2 on-line controlled toolboxes
  • 2 automatic CF-NC saws ARG 250 for material preparation
  • Complex ERP system Helios Orange with advanced capacity planning
  • Projection software Autodesk Inventor CAD and CAM GibbsCAM enabling multi-channel management
  • In June 2014 a five-axis machining center with pallet system and two-spindle lathes with a Y-axis handling robot will be added 

What you can expect from us

If we take it purely technically, we perform CNC machining on lathes, milling machines and multi-function machining centers and other activities necessary to produce components such as CNC plasma welding, modeling and design of new parts in the most advanced programs such as, CAD Autodesk Inventor and GibbsCAM. For production planning, we use an advanced production ERP management system and accurate planning processes in the company to guarantee short delivery times. We work with all materials used in engineering, including carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, all kinds of non-ferrous metals and alloys, cast iron, Inconel, Dameron, plastics and others.

The difference is in the approach

Now you have an idea of ​​what we can do. Significant, however, is not what (because machining in this form is also done by others), but how. Our vision is absolute partnership and an open approach. Customers are not just clients, they are our partners. A partner, whom we help to achieve goals as if they were our own. We therefore not blindly accept contracts, but talk about them and think about how to achieve it. We are looking for ways to look at it from a different angle and come up with the best, not the easiest solution.

The cornerstone of this approach is our team of employees who combines experience, curiosity of youth and high expertise with the desire to create something new and to overcome their selves.  If we add high-tech world's leading manufacturers, we obtain a dynamic company that speaks your language.

With a tradition but not in the past

Belonging to our region and our history, brought us to where we are now. The story of our company began much earlier than before anybody heard about precision engineering components. In 1883 in Kyjov the first kiln of the local glassworks ignited. It had to have a workshop producing glass molds. So we started. The glassworks gradually grew and gained fame. Already at the end of the 19th century window glass, bottles, glass pipes and other glass products were manufactured. At the end of the twenties, it was sold and the first Czech glassworks in Kyjov Moravia commenced. 

Despite the following tumultuous decades the glass factory was successful. In 1933 the first semi-automatic "Kiko" was put into operation and production continued even after nationalization in 1945. About two years later a triangle with a capital letter M, Mark Glassworks Moravia is registered as a trademark. The glass factory is undergoing a massive development in the nineties of the twentieth century, when the first joint-stock company Moravia Glass that input Swiss investor becomes a significant part of the glass holding Vetropack and accordingly changes the name to Vetropack Moravia Glass.

In the year 2000, separate workshops form for the production of molds and spare parts for the glass machines Strojirny Moravia. Those, due to expansion abroad, change by ten years later the name to Componenta Moravia and become a major player not only in the European market of glass molds. It succeeded mainly in Russia and other former Eastern Bloc countries, where it becomes number four on the market.

A recent significant event is the establishment of a sister company, named Componenta Perfecta, in 2014. 

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