What perfecta means

In short, that we want to be perfect. We are always looking for new solutions and superior technology that will help us to cope with new challenges.

We're not here to tell you the reasons why something is not possible, but because we have designed a way to do it. We have the the best prerequisites.

Why to work with us

  • We build on tradition, but we do not live in the past.
  • We work with the best equipment that is available. 
  • Machinery and equipment software is nothing compared to our team that combines many years of experience and youthful desire to discover the new.
  • The client is our partner. We talk to him; we consult new tasks, seek and propose the best solutions.
  • We keep our word!

Perfect, as well as in control

Although we believe in our products unfathomably, their quality control is an absolute necessity. We do them at the end of production, and in its course. This enables us to flexibly respond to any minor shortcomings and ensure their correction before the finished product. We save both time and money. The control process is supervised by our trained staff, using the cutting-edge 3D measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S No. 7106. Our rigorous approach is demonstrated by the ISO 9001:2000 certification that we hold.

We always help our partner

Thanks to precise planning we promise only what we can truly fulfill and stick to it until the last product. It is clear to us that only that way we can be useful to you

It is all about the price

100% quality and ideal dates would be useless if it were not for a good price. Our focus is therefore to ensure that our services are available. See for yourself by sending your inquiry to info@componentaperfecta.cz.

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We design, produce, deliver