What we do

Our domain is components and all that goes with them. Our work therefore consists of a number of sub-tasks, which combine the use of leading technology with the skill of our employees.

Activities Step by Step

CNC machining is performed on lathes, milling machines and multi-function machining centers. Our pride is primarily a multifunctional center with 9 axes, two spindles and two tools in the cut Mazak Integrex i200 ST-1500.

For auxiliary and finishing work we use classic lathes and milling machines, saws for cutting rods, marking machines with micro-beat, flat grinders and polishing machines.

Welding is performed on a CNC plasma welding machine, the PPC 250 NR 3 with metal powder with a final hardness up to 60HRC. We also must mention, however, the good old manual welding, where, especially in welding complex shapes, the skills of our employees are perfectly applied. These are, apart from machines, indispensable.

Modeling and design is done by our engineers using the latest CAD / CAM systems that allow them to most effectively work with both time and material. For product design and 3D modeling we use Autodesk Inventor. We create CNC programs using GibbsCAM.

Measurement and monitoring are a natural part of the production process. We do them at the end of production, and in its course. Each of the products is not once, but several times subjected to a thorough analysis by our trained staff. They have the most modern measuring equipment. The key is a 3D measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S No. 7106. Each product is supplied according to customer requirements with documentation of the result of the measurement control. 

We will help with all materials used in engineering including those difficult to machine. Our products are made from carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, all kinds of non-ferrous metals and alloys, cast iron, Inconel, Dameron, plastics and others.

Usually the production batches are tens and hundreds of pieces. At your request, we can also produce parts from one piece to several thousand series.

With partners to more complex services

There, where our capacity could not satisfactorily meet your requirements, we collaborate with proven specialized and certified partners. We use their services especially in complex assembly, ensuring the most finishes in all kinds of heat treatment in the manufacture of castings, CNC grinding, welding and laser welding, HVOF welding, laser cutting and water jet cutting and stamping.

And all that for whom? For our customers

They are innovative companies that require highly accurate components of the highest quality. Often it is the operation with "lean production", underscoring the delivery on time. Usually active in the production of machines and machine parts (CNC, glass, printing, textile), tool and mold making, production and repair of vehicles (trains, ships, aircraft, rolling stock) or their functional units and production facilities for obtaining energy from renewable resources

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