Moule de forme

This part of the glass molds for the production of container glass is among one of the jewels of our many technology-cut details.

Moule de forme
Branche: glassmaking
Année de production: 2013

It is characterized by demands for maximum accuracy (0.02 mm). In order to achieve it, both halves are simultaneously machined in a single setup. Carbide plasma surfacing with hardness up to 40 HRC increases dimensional stability and durability of the product, from which hot glass is shaped to necks and threads of glass packaging.

Due to the high thermal loading of the product (glass temperatures up to 900 degrees), it is essential to ensure the perfect connection between the surface and the weld. Transitions between relatively soft bronze and carbide weld do not facilitate the production of vent forms and always means readiness for NC technology and machine operators.

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